April 2011
Alexandria, VA, April 1, 2011
– The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (AARC) is pleased to announce six new foreign royalty sources.

During the annual meeting, AARC's Board of Directors ratified five new foreign hometaping bilateral agreements and a rental agreement. Performer agreements were negotiated with EEL of Estonia, APPOLLON & ERATO of Greece, GVL of Germany, HUZIP of Croatia and NORMA of the Netherlands to protect the rights of artists. Additionally, an agreement to protect independent phonogram producers was negotiated with IFPI of Sweden. Negotiations continue with numerous other collectives including SAMI of Sweden, ADAMI of France and NUOVO IMAIE of Italy.

"AARC's increased involvement in international organizations such as SCAPR has solidified AARC as an international collective and provided me with access to the representatives of many foreign collectives." says Bocchi. "Our foreign agreements have more than doubled our royalties annually, so it is important to spend time nurturing these relationships. Each agreement increases our allies in the fight to ensure that performers and labels are properly compensated for the exploitation of their works via hometaping and rental."

Since the ratification of it's first foreign agreement with CPRA of Japan, AARC has collected and distributed over $17 million in foreign royalties to its members. AARC has also distributed in excess of $22.5 million in U.S. hometaping monies.

According to Co-Chair Jay Cooper, "AARC's international success, along with its effective representation of its members in U.S. hometaping proceedings, has made AARC a highly respected royalty collective worldwide."

AARC is the leading U.S. organization protecting the rights of featured artists and sound recording copyright owners in the areas of hometaping and rental rights. Although a US organization, AARC represents artists and record companies worldwide. Representing its members both domestically and abroad, AARC ensures that they are properly compensated for the rental and hometaping of their sound recordings. AARC was created in 1993 by the U.S. music industry, shortly after the passage of the U.S. hometaping law, the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992. Overseen by a board of thirteen artist and thirteen record company representatives, AARC provides equal representation to the artist community and recording industry, looking after their mutual interests. AARC currently represents nearly 200,000 artists and record labels. AARC is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, which is in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. If you are an artist or a sound recording copyright owner and you are not signed up with AARC, please contact our office immediately at 703-535-8101 or visit our website at aarcroyalties.com. Look for us on Facebook and Twitter.

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