Enroll in Electronic Deposit

Never wait for checks again!  Enroll in electronic deposit and get your funds fast! Electronic statements will be provided by e-mail at the time of your royalty transfer.  AARC’s annual royalty distribution is held in December.

You are required to upload or fax a copy of a voided check or direct deposit verification from your bank.  Don’t have a scanner or fax? Access this page from your smart phone (goaarc.com/ach).  Our form is equipped to allow use of your camera to snap a picture of your check and securely send it to us.

Complete the enrollment form with information pertaining to electronic deposit
(launches in a new secure window)

How secure is Electronic Deposit and how does AARC secure your information?

  • We collect your private enrollment data using 128-bit encryption. That’s the same technology used by banks and online shopping marketplaces. AARC, as well as many large US companies, trust Wufoo for collecting secure data. You may notice your address bar reading aarcroyalties.wufoo.com when submitting data.
  • We require a copy of a voided check to be sent to us in a secure manner, by utilizing our secure dropbox or by fax. The voided check allows us to not only verify the information entered on the enrollment form, but allows us to verify the account provided is legitimate. We do not allow voided checks to be transmitted via-email, as e-mail is not encrypted or secure. Voided checks are uploaded through our secure dropbox, which also uses 128-bit encryption for you to both upload the check, and for us to download it. Our members may also fax a voided check to us, which is transmitted securely over a phone line directly to our fax, which is then delivered electronically into our secure system, meaning whatever you fax to us is never printed and left on a fax machine!
  • We provide internal checks to cross reference the banking details with your membership agreement, as well as IRS records. Not only to protect you, but to prevent fraud.
  • Our system requires us to enter your banking details in twice, to ensure the deposit is correctly made to your account and to eliminate human error.
  • Once your information is entered in our database, it is protected by multiple levels of security, with limited access only by specific staff members.
  • Finally, your payment data is transmitted to our bank at time of distribution in a secure manner, which securely deposits funds to you utilizing the US ACH system.
  • Additionally, by receiving your payment, statement and payee information electronically, you avoid delays due to mail losses.