Board of Directors

Overseen by a board of artist and record company representatives, AARC provides equal representation to the artist community and recording industry, looking after their mutual interests.

Featured Recording Artist Board Members

  • Artist Unions
    • Ray Hair
      International President, AFM
    • Stefanie Taub
      National Director, Sound Recordings
  • Artists
    • Jonatha Brooke
  • Management
    • Patrick Raines
      Patrick Raines and Associates
    • Andrew Adler
      Citrin Cooperman
  •  Lawyers
    • Jay Cooper
      Greenberg Traurig, LLC
    • Tim Mandelbaum
      Fox Rothschild, LLP
    • Robin Mitchell Joyce
      Robin Mitchell Joyce, ESQ
    • Lee Phillips
      Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP
    • Walter McDonough
      Future of Music Coalition
    • Dina LaPolt
      LaPolt Law, P.C.
  • Alternate Directors
    • Jeff Biederman
      Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips,LLP

Record Company Board Members

  • Record Company Associations
    • Cary Sherman
      Chairman and CEO
      Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
    • Karen Silhol
      SVP, Finance and Administration
      Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
    • Richard James Burgess
      American Association of Independent Music (A2IM)
  • Major Record Labels
    • Andrea Finkelstein
      SVP, Business Affairs, Operations and Administration
      Sony Music Entertainment
    • Darrelle Spears
      Senior Director, Business and Legal Affairs, Global Digital Business
      Sony Music Entertainment
    • Kris Ahrend
      President, U.S. Shared Services
      Warner Music Group
    • Jon Glass
      Senior Vice President
      Warner Music Group
    • Alasdair McMullan
      SVP, Head of Litigation
      Universal Music Group
    • Cindy Oliver
      Senior VP, Royalties and Copyright
      Universal Music Group
  • Indie Record Labels
    • Virgil Roberts
      Bobbit & Roberts
    • Lucille Hunt
      Sr. VP, Publishing and Licensing
      Mack Avenue Records
  • Alternate Directors
    • Julie Shapiro
      Director, Business and Legal Affairs
      Sony Music Entertainment
    • Scott Bauman
      Universal Music Group
    • Brad Cohen
      Vice President & Senior Litigation Counsel
      Warner Music Group