Our Annual Process & Schedule

January – AARC collects sales data for the previous year from Niesen SoundScan
June – AARC sends out confirmation reports to members based on sales from the previous year
December – AARC processes its annual royalty distribution based on funds collected from the previous year

Between January and December, AARC is constantly:
-Recruiting new members;
-Perfecting repertoire data for members;
-Maintaining membership databases;
-Receiving and processing royalty sources to be readied for royalty distribution; and
-Working to fight for the rights of our members in regards to Hometaping(Private Copy) and Rental Rights, both domestically and abroad

Please Note:  These dates are only a guideline and are not guaranteed.  While we do our best to follow this timeline for our members, we do not have control over funds we collect for our members and variables that could potentially lead to a delay.