Swiss Indie Data Request

AARC currently collects private copy royalties for Indies from collectives in France (SCPP), Japan (RIAJ), the Netherlands (NVPI), Spain (AGEDI), Sweden (IFPI), Italy (ITSRIGHT), Belgium (SIMIM), Finland (GRAMEX), and Switzerland (SWISSPERFORM).

Pursuant to a NEW AARC agreement with SWISSPERFORM, our Indie members are entitled to royalties based on their sales of sound recordings in Switzerland during the royalty years 2012-2016  (the years during which the royalties were collected).  Data regarding the value of units sold in Switzerland is sent by AARC to SWISSPERFORM based on the information we collect from our Indie members.  Since SWISSPERFORM is preparing to distribute 2012-2016 royalties, we are requesting that AARC Indie members send us their 2012-2016 Swiss sales data.  We must receive your Swiss sales data by June 16, 2017  so we have enough time to process all the data and send it to SWISSPERFORM by their deadline.  Please be sure to include both digital and physical sales numbers.

Registration with AARC is required to receive these royalties. If you are not currently an AARC member, please register and submit your Dutch sales data by June 16 to qualify for Dutch private copying monies.

This request is for Dutch sales data only.   Other requests for Indie sales will be sent out later this year.

Not a participant? Register with AARC first, and then return to this page to submit data.

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  (Due June 16, 2017)
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