What is a Confirmation Report?

A Confirmation is a report we send to our participants annually before we send our royalty distribution. It contains important information used to calculate and distribute royalties. The report lists information such as contact and payee details, participant details, and titles. The report, which is made up of two documents, a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet, is attached to the e-mailed confirmation report.  Your royalty is NOT sent with your confirmation report – it will follow upon completion of the confirmation process. Our annual royalty distribution will take place this fall.

Why were titles attached to the e-mail?
AARC provides a music royalty, generated by the sales of automobile infotainment systems, blank CDs, personal audio devices, media centers, and satellite radio devices that have music recording capabilities. The Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 says that we must distribute the royalties based on sales during the year for which the royalties were collected (called the royalty year). To determine your percentage of the royalties, we use Nielsen SoundScan sales data. Only titles that were sold during the royalty year can be used to calculate your royalties.

During the confirmation process, we give our participants the opportunity to review their titles that have sales during the royalty year. This is an important process because titles are used to calculate royalties.  The confirmation process gives our participants the opportunity to make title adjustments if their repertoire is incorrect or is missing titles.  The confirmation report includes all titles sold in digital and physical form during the royalty year in the United States. “Resale” of titles, such as sales through eBay or Amazon do not qualify for royalties under the law and so only new sales are shown on your confirmation report.

Title Spreadsheet
Your confirmation report includes a spreadsheet file containing titles assigned to you.  You can update your titles by modifying the spreadsheet we sent to you and uploading it during the confirmation process.  PLEASE NOTE: You must follow our instructions for title modifications as detailed below.  We will NOT accept alternative metadata formats.  Failure to follow the guidelines below will reject your confirmation reply.

Remove Titles
To remove titles that you should not be receiving credit for, specify “remove” in the first column next to the title(s) under the “add_or_remove” column.  For titles to be removed, do not delete these titles off the spreadsheet, you MUST specify “remove”.

Add Titles
To add titles, add the titles to the bottom of the spreadsheet and specify “add” in the first column for each title you are adding under the “add_or_remove” column.  Please be sure to list the album name as an entry, with additional entries for EACH track under that album.
DO NOT ADD TITLES RELEASED THIS YEAR. This confirmation reply only represents titles sold prior to 1/1 of this year.

Required fields for adding titles:
Artist Name
Title (specify the album title if sold physically, as well as each track if sold digitally)
ISRC Code (for tracks only)
UPC Codes are not required, but are helpful
Release Date
Label Name (Copyright Owners only)

Only add titles that were sold PRIOR to 1/1 this year that are ACTIVELY being sold. We do not need titles that are no longer available for digital and physical sale.

Explanation of spreadsheet fields:
Add_Or_Remove – Populate this with “add” if adding titles, or “remove” if removing titles
Name – Artist or RC Name(If SRCO)
FA/RCIDnum – Your member ID
LabelName(Copyright Owners only) – Releasing label
Title – The name of the title or track
ReleaseDate – Date of release
RecordingType – DG (Digital Track), AL (Physical Album), SI (Physical Single), BS (Boxed Set)
UPCCode – UPC Code
ISRCCode – ISRC Code
TitleIDNum – AARC’s internal ID for this title
ProductCount – Applies to physical albums, number of media in a multi-disc set
HaveSales – Denotes if that particular title had sales last year

You should only ADD or REMOVE titles. Existing data is unable to be altered. Do not be concerned with misspellings or invalid codes, this is data we receive from SoundScan and are unable to modify.

Please only add missing titles that are currently being sold prior to this year. Do not list titles from decades ago that are no longer being distributed.

Please use the spreadsheet we sent as a template.  Follow directions above for required fields when submitting your data.

If you are a Copyright Owner
We also provide you with a list of all your labels for which SoundScan reports sales during the royalty year. The label entries trigger the titles attached to your record company, so please verify that all labels you own are properly listed. A missing label could result in your loss of credit for the sales of titles. Do not be concerned with duplicate label entries. Submitting this confirmation reply will allow you to modify the label entries we have attached to you.

Do I have to submit a confirmation reply?
Replying to your confirmation report is EXTREMELY important. However it is not required to receive your royalties.  PLEASE NOTE: If you do not respond by Friday 9/29, your royalties will be calculated and distributed based on the information provided in this confirmation report and you will WAIVE the right to make any corrections to the titles listed in the confirmation report.

Lost and Confused?
We understand this can be overwhelming for your first time replying.  Feel free to respond to the confirmation report e-mail, or call us at 703-535-8101.  We will be happy to answer your questions.

What’s the next step?

Carefully review the PDF and Excel spreadsheet that are attached to your e-mail. Once you have completed reviewing the entire confirmation report, you can approve the confirmation online or make a variety of changes, including correcting incorrect or outdated contact information, updating your titles, and submitting missing information to us.